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July 2020


To the Board of Directors of CDR and RCIL:

We are consumers, community members, and former employees and contractors of the Center for Disability Rights and the Regional Center for Independent Living writing to demand that you take responsibility for the destruction of CDR and RCIL. Both organizations have lost their integrity and efficacy as centers for independent living, and staff, consumers, and the wider Disability Community have been harmed. Action is necessary. 

We have personally observed the organizations and consumers suffer due to calamitous leadership, lack of accountability, nonexistent governance, and unethical – if not illegal conduct – at the direction of Mr. Bruce Darling, President and CEO, and lack of oversight by this Board.

None of this should be news to you.

Over the past year, Mr. Darling has publicly made xenophobic comments which have demeaned the character of the organizations and undercut the organizations’ unparalleled ability to advocate and to serve consumers. Additionally, numerous odd practices concerning finances have occurred under this Board’s watch. Furthermore, a poor workplace culture, abusive treatment of employees, and unethical leadership have caused excessive turnover and the loss of highly capable employees including multiple directors, at least one assistant director, managers, the entire Advocacy Team, and the entire Recreation Team in Canandaigua. All of these actions and reactions have a detrimental impact on the consumers that the organizations serve. 

We, the undersigned, care deeply for CDR and RCIL and the consumers that they serve. We want to see the integrity of CDR and RCIL restored so that consumers can receive the services and supports that they need, and so that respectable advocacy and community partnerships can resume.

July 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), however, it would be hypocritical to celebrate such a landmark without recognizing and taking action on the one-year anniversary of Mr. Darling’s bigoted remarks made on a national platform.

In July 2019, the Disability Community nationwide called upon you to hold Mr. Darling accountable for the xenophobic comments that he made in a U.S. Congressional office and were recorded in a video that was shared widely on the internet. At the time, Mr. Darling was also serving as the President of the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL). NCIL took swift action in addressing Mr. Darling’s egregious action by publicly denouncing his statements and accepting his immediate resignation. In contrast, the Board of CDR and RCIL did not remove Mr. Darling from the organizations, nor did you publish any public statement denouncing his behavior. The Board also did not pursue an investigation into Mr. Darling’s xenophobic actions. If you had, you would have found several tweets from Mr. Darling that reiterated similar xenophobic sentiments. It has been one year since the public comments were made, but you have done nothing to hold Mr. Darling accountable or make amends with the Disability Community on behalf of CDR and RCIL. Inaction is irresponsible and unacceptable. Our diverse community deserves better leadership.

In December 2019, the Board received a request for information from ADAPT members Ami Hyten and Kings Floyd about missing grant money in the amount of approximately $65,000 to which this Board never substantively responded. The funds in question were from the Ford Foundation, awarded to NCIL and ADAPT, but were disbursed to CDR at Mr. Darling’s directive. The grant funds were intended to fund grassroots advocacy efforts by supporting emerging ADAPT chapters across the nation. However, no emerging group ever received funding. After Mr. Darling failed to respond to more than five requests for information about the missing grant money, a letter was sent directly to the Board of RCIL and CDR. Instead of responding to this reasonable request for information with a full accounting of the missing funds and addressing Mr. Darling’s unethical behavior, the Board allowed Mr. Darling to interrogate and intimidate staff in an attempt to learn how Ms. Hyten and Ms. Floyd obtained Board members’ email addresses. 

When the Chairperson of the Board, Debbie Bonomo, finally responded to the request for information, the response was a broad-brush defense of Mr. Darling, continued to focus on how Ms. Floyd and Ms. Hyten obtained Board email addresses, and neglected to respond to the original request. Chairperson Bonomo also accused Ms. Floyd of inappropriately handling the request for information. Ms. Floyd replied humbly but in earnest – the Chairperson of the Board never replied. 

Mr. Darling continued to fail to provide an accounting of the grant funding until the issue became public via Twitter in February 2020. At that time, Mr. Darling provided an accounting that did not align with his previous reporting about the grant funds and his accounting was vehemently disputed by ADAPT chapters to whom he attempted to send unsolicited “reimbursements.” His accounting was also a surprise to NCIL. In May 2020, Mr. Darling finally paid back the missing grant funds to NCIL after being held publicly accountable – no thanks to this Board. 

Finally, in the past year alone, CDR and RCIL have lost dozens of employees due to Mr. Darling’s unethical and tyrannical management. These employees held roles across departments in both organizations, as well as in the affiliated All About You Home Care. They include:

  • Director of Waiver Services and Administrator of All About You Home Care (AAY)
  • Director of Advocacy
  • Interim Director of Advocacy
  • Assistant Director of Finance
  • Systems Advocate
  • Pooled Trust Advocate
  • Media & Entertainment Advocate
  • Deaf Systems Advocate
  • No Wrong Door Independent Living Specialist
  • Independent Living Supervisor
  • Manager of Transition and Diversion
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Assurance Investigator
  • Benefits Advisor
  • Employment Specialist
  • Deaf Services Manager
  • Assistant Manager of Day Services
  • Lead Independent Living Peer Specialist
  • Health Care Advocate & Lead No Wrong Door Independent Living Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Front Desk Receptionist
  • Two File Clerks
  • Two Recreation Assistants
  • Maintenance Staff

These staff identified the following as some of the reasons they could no longer work for Mr. Darling, CDR, or RCIL:

1. Mr. Darling’s erratic, oppressive, and abusive behavior.

Staff have been victims of Mr. Darling’s erratic, oppressive, and abusive behaviors for years. Notably, Mr. Darling has failed to employ a full time Human Resources Director for at least two years. After the last full time Human Resources Director left, Mr. Darling “temporarily” assigned Human Resources duties to the Director of Quality Assurance. To date, a full time Human Resources Director has not been hired, nor is there a Human Resources Director listed on the website. As a result, there is no reliable safeguard or path of recourse for staff experiencing poor treatment from Mr. Darling. This poor treatment includes:

  • Assigning staff members to other departments without discussing the reassignment with the staff member or their supervisor first.

  • Calling Directors at late hours, often screaming.
  • Screaming at Pooled Trust staff for taking more than two minutes on the telephone to assist consumers with their needs.

  • Forcing male staff to assist him with moving desks and other equipment at his will. For example, when an IT staff person moved his desk to a position that Mr. Darling did not like, he waited for the staff person to leave his office, then forced two other male staff persons to lift and move the IT staff person’s desk to a position that Mr. Darling liked – all without discussing it with the employee’s supervisor, Human Resources, or the employee.

  • Escalating a human resource matter to the point a distressed employee was treated as a terrorist threat to the entire organization. Mr. Darling denied bereavement leave to a Black, disabled man after the loss of the man’s father. Mr. Darling, rather, relentlessly called the individual and inappropriately demanded he return his office keys contrary to policy and practice around employee possession of keys. Mr. Darling had other employees call the individual and even go to the employee’s home. This caused significant distress to the employee, who experienced a mental health setback and reacted by threatening Mr. Darling. The individual was then treated as a threat to the entire organization and staff were directed to treat the individual as such. When the individual apologized for the personal threats to Mr. Darling, the circumstances were not conveyed to staff.

  • Putting the entire staff at risk by continuing to come to work after being threatened personally with violence in response to his actions. Mr. Darling treated the entire organization as the target of the threats and failed to disclose his own role in the creation of the threat. This failure to take responsibility was exacerbated by giving vague instruction that staff be ready to protect themselves. While flaws in the building security, safety, and accessibility were acknowledged, no corrective action was taken to repair these flaws; yet, Mr. Darling made light of the situation and joked that individuals unable to escape – including a Black man in a power wheelchair – could be used by others as shields in the event of an active shooter.

  • Attempting to force the former Director of Advocacy to introduce an award winner at the CDR Gala in 2019. The former Director of Advocacy declined and informed Mr. Darling that she was attending the gala as a paid guest, not a working staff member. Mr. Darling stated that he was “directing” her to introduce the award winner at the gala, and she declined again. At the gala, Mr. Darling approached her table – where representatives from the City of Rochester were sitting with the Director of Advocacy – and, again, attempted to force her to introduce the award winner. Once more, she declined and stated she was not comfortable. Three weeks later, on August 6, 2019, Mr. Darling sent the former Director of Advocacy an email informing her that her actions were “insubordinate” despite the fact that she paid to attend the gala, was not working the gala, did not volunteer for the gala, and the fact the gala occurred during off-hours. Other employees have experienced being directed to “volunteer” for organizational events outside of work hours or experience negative consequences.

  • Refusing to meet with the former Director of Advocacy for over six months despite multiple formal meeting requests. Making comments on the Director’s personal Facebook page in a trolling manner late at night. Calling the individual’s new CEO to complain about and harass the former Director after she had resigned.

  • Refusing to return the personal effects of the former Director of Waiver Services. The former Director of Waiver Services was forced to take medical leave due to the anxiety caused by Mr. Darling. After taking medical leave for multiple months, the Director of Waiver Services resigned and requested the personal effects from her office. Instead of returning those items, Mr. Darling packed the items in a box and put them in his personal vehicle. He has yet to return the personal items, which include pictures of the former Director of Waiver Services child.

2. Mr. Darling’s racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, and xenophobia.

Staff, consumers, and community members have been subjected to Mr. Darling’s bigotry for decades, and his prejudicial behavior has only gotten worse as his behavior has gone unchecked by this Board. In addition to his public xenophobia, Mr. Darling’s racism, sexism, ableism, and transphobia have been rampant. A few examples of his hateful and discriminatory behavior include:

  • Yelling at the Deaf Services Manager (a Deaf woman) for over 30 minutes, in the hallway, for the entire office to witness. When another staff member tweeted that this experience traumatized her, Mr. Darling forced her to remove the tweet.

  • Allowing two able-bodied men to receive the employment benefit of paid parking in Albany when they served as Manager of Government Affairs. However, Mr. Darling reversed a decision by the Manager’s supervisor to provide a blind woman appointed to the same position with reimbursement for a monthly bus pass. This occurred despite the obvious fact the blind woman would be denied an equivalent benefit as she could not drive, and despite the fact that a monthly bus pass was markedly less expensive than a parking spot. After a time and much personal advocacy on her behalf, the blind woman’s salary was adjusted, but not for the full amount of the cost of a bus pass.

  • Insisting that Blind staff person take the stairs, even though the Blind staff person always uses the elevator and stated he was not comfortable taking the stairs, simply because Mr. Darling wanted to accommodate a visiting elected official.

  • Referring to transgender individuals as “he-shes” in conversation in front of LGBT staff.

  • Questioning the validity of the sexuality of LGBT staff.

  • Refusing to respect the expertise and experience of the Manager of Deaf Services, a Deaf woman, on issues regarding scheduling interpreters for Deaf individuals in the community and intentionally overriding her decision making.

  • Questioning the Interim Director of Advocacy on whether the Deaf Systems Advocate really needed to attend Disability Awareness Day and the NYAIL Lobby Day due to the costs of interpreting. Mr. Darling did not question the attendance of any other Advocacy Team member.

  • Minimizing the concerns and experiences of People of Color. When People of Color have expressed their concerns, and complained about Mr. Darling’s racism, Mr. Darling has rejected claims that he is racist and minimized the experiences of People of Color by stating that he is Native American. He implies that he understands the daily oppression that people of color experience, even though Mr. Darling presents as white. While Mr. Darling may be Indigenous American through his genealogy, that does not equate his experience as a white man to the experiences of People of Color. In attempting to shield himself from claims of racism by equating genealogy to the lived experience of People of Color, Mr. Darling is intentionally ignoring and contributing to systemic racism in the organizations that he is responsible for managing.

  • Refusing to provide reasonable compensation increases for Deaf services programs year after year, including the Support Service Provider and Deaf Communication Specialist programs which were both severely understaffed, leaving Deaf consumers without critical services and leaving the Manager of Deaf Services significantly overworked and over-burdened. Meanwhile, Mr. Darling was earning $193,000 in 2018 alone.

  • Refusing to hold men accountable when they make inappropriate comments. Women have complained about male staff who have made inappropriate comments. Mr. Darling’s solution was to simply move the male staff to different offices.

3. Mr. Darling’s unethical and potentially illegal activities.

In addition to Mr. Darling’s oppressive leadership, abusive behaviors, and being unable to account for the NCIL/ADAPT grant funds, as President and CEO, Mr. Darling regularly engages in activities that are unethical and potentially illegal. Staff who question Mr. Darling’s activities are met with abusive consequences, including being threatened with their jobs, being written up, and being assigned to less desirable work. Examples of Mr. Darling’s unethical and potentially illegal activities include:

  • Denying disabled employees reasonable accommodations, even after receiving proper medical documentation, and sending communications directly to the employees’ doctors without receiving consent from the employees. In one recent example, Mr. Darling refused to allow a manager who had been with the organization for 20+ years to work from home as a reasonable accommodation during New York on PAUSE, even after she provided documentation from her medical provider. Mr. Darling initially refused the accommodation because the employee’s doctor only “recommended” that she work from home during the coronavirus restrictions. Her doctor wrote another letter after this stating that she cannot be in the office. The employee then requested FMLA on April 29, 2020. After the employee submitted the second letter and requested FMLA, Mr. Darling intimidated the employee by sending a 38 page letter to her doctor without her knowledge or consent. In the letter, Mr. Darling disputes the doctor’s medical judgment, inquires about any additional medical conditions the employee may have, defends the safety of the building, and attaches his “research.” CDR never allowed the employee to take FMLA, forcing her to quit instead.

  • Refusing to approve vacation time for direct reports, even after multiple in-person and email follow up requests.

  • Forcing employees to sign work-from-home contracts (RCIL and CDR) with provisions that directly contradicted Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders during NY on PAUSE. For example, one provision required employees to agree that “the employer can make on site visits to the remote work location” which contradicted with the entire purpose of social distancing and working from home. If employees refused to sign this agreement they were forced to work at the office during the COVID pandemic.

  • Sending directors and managers emails threatening them with prosecutions of fraud if they did not verify their staff’s work time during COVID, while simultaneously forcing directors and managers to sign timesheets for their staff to be paid under grant funding while performing tasks such as “wellness calls” that were outside of their service area and outside of their grant funding.

  • Forcing staff to work on assignments outside of their grant funding and, in some cases, outside of their agency – while billing the original grants for the work time. For example:

    • During his last two weeks of employment, the Deaf Systems Advocate who was an employee of RCIL and was paid under ACCES-VR and other state funding, was forced to work in the CDR Pooled Trust while still writing ACCES-VR on his timesheet.

    • Staff working under ACL/RSA funding have been forced to work in clerical positions while still reporting ACL/RSA on their timesheets.

    • A staff person working under SSAN funding was forced to make “wellness calls” for Pooled Trust consumers instead of working on SSAN deliverables. The staff was disciplined when he did not make enough “wellness calls” and protested this discipline, pointing out that being required to spend 50% of his time making “wellness calls” for the Pooled Trust was in direct violation of his SSAN contract.

  • Insisting that the offices remain open during New York on PAUSE, putting all staff and consumers who entered the building at risk of exposure to COVID-19. In fact, staff were exposed to COVID-19 and Monroe County instructed staff to quarantine for 14 days, however, Mr. Darling forced staff members to come into the building during that time.

  • Directing staff to participate in advocacy-related activities while treating staff as volunteers, such that non-exempt staff did not receive overtime pay, and all staff were improperly reimbursed for expenses, if reimbursed at all. Staff were expected to ask for paid leave to participate in Disability Rights “volunteer” activities, but activities not in support of ADAPT specifically were not encouraged. Meanwhile, inconsistent application of policies led to staff not only being treated as volunteers, but on at least one occasion, requiring staff to use vacation time for days that she was directed by Mr. Darling to go to Washington, D.C. for ADAPT work.

While Mr. Darling’s actions alone are reprehensible, he has remained in control while each director – save one who was newly appointed– has held their seat through this entire, catastrophic time.

Your complacency suggests you support Mr. Darling’s oppressive, unethical, and abusive behaviors. Moreso, your complacency indicates that you believe the continuous harm he causes to the organizations and to the community is not the fault of the Board of Directors. We strongly disagree. You were charged with the “overall policy and direction of the Corporation consistent with the agency articles of incorporation, mission and vision.” You have failed the organizations, the consumers, the staff, and the entire Disability Community.

Today, we demand that this Board take decisive, urgently needed action to save CDR and RCIL and begin to repair all of the harm caused to the Disability Community. Specifically, you must take the following actions:

    1. Mr. Darling must resign or be removed from both President and CEO positions of CDR and RCIL immediately. No one bears more responsibility than Mr. Darling. Mr. Darling made xenophobic comments multiple times. Mr. Darling directed grant funds meant for ADAPT and NCIL to be sent to CDR – a completely unrelated organization – and then failed to provide any documentation to account for those funds. Mr. Darling is driving away staff who are passionate about serving consumers and fulfilling the mission.

    The Board has allowed Mr. Darling multiple opportunities to prove himself as a competent leader, but he continues to harm the organizations and the Disability Community. In fact, four years ago, an executive consultant was brought in to assist Mr. Darling to work effectively with his management team. Mr. Darling did not work with the consultant, managers and directors felt unsafe speaking with the consultant because Mr. Darling would angrily interrupt their meetings, and Mr. Darling eventually dismissed the consultant. In the years since, the organization has cycled through countless directors, assistant directors, and managers as Mr. Darling has only become more destructive.

    There can be no constructive outcome until Mr. Darling has fully separated from the organizations.

    2. Issue a Public Apology Immediately for Failing to Take Action. The Board of Directors has been on notice about Mr. Darling’s xenophobic comments for one year now. You were notified about missing grant money more than six months ago. While you may not have been aware of all of the staff who have left the organizations, you have been aware of multiple Directors and Managers resigning within the past year. You have done nothing to take action to control Mr. Darling’s behavior. You have not issued an apology for his xenophobic comments, you have not provided financial oversight after being notified of missing grant funds, and you have not ensured that staff were in a safe environment. As a result, consumers, staff, and our community have suffered. This Board owes the overall community an apology that is long overdue.

    3. CDR & RCIL’s Board Members should resign and allow consumers to vote in a new board. Mr. Darling’s oppressive, unethical, and abusive behaviors are the result of years of complacency by the Board. The only solution to ensure that the community will be appropriately served is to have all current board members resign and have consumers elect new board members. New Board members will bring with them a new beginning for the organizations, with no connections to Mr. Darling and no embarrassing past to hide.

    4. CDR & RCIL’s new Board should immediately hire an external financial team to review and audit all CDR and RCIL books. CDR and RCIL have been without a Finance Director for over a year. The Board has already received one letter about missing grant funds where Mr. Darling was suspect, and now the only person overseeing finances is Mr. Darling. A full review and audit must be conducted by an external financial team, and staff should be interviewed in a safe environment about the accuracy of the reporting.

    An effective financial review and audit cannot take place until new leadership is in place, otherwise the audit risks being tainted by the very actors who are to blame for the mismanagement of the organization’s finances.

    5. CDR & RCIL’s new Board should launch an independent investigation of the organizations’ operations. Consumers, staff, and funders deserve an explanation for the organizations’ operations over the past several years. This explanation can only come from an independent investigation of all operations.

    Such an investigation can only be credibly led by a new, objective Board that is able to critically examine the previous operations of the organization, correct all mismanagement, and create a plan to start anew.

    6. Engage with the Disability Community and former staff in appointing a new President and CEO. The new Board of Directors must work with consumers, the Disability Community, the Greater Rochester Community, and former staff to appoint a new President and CEO who can lead the organizations effectively and passionately.

These six critical items must be attended to if the pattern of destruction of CDR & RCIL is to be reversed. We believe that none among them is a greater priority than the removal of Mr. Darling. This Board should be ashamed for not having changed leaders and direction long ago. You have lost the confidence of the Disability Community, the Greater Rochester community, and so many committed staff members who firmly believe in the vision and mission of RCIL and CDR. 

The vision of CDR and RCIL is “a society in which people with disabilities enjoy full community integration, independence, and civil rights”. It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that work toward this vision continues until the future that the Americans with Disabilities Act promised thirty years ago is realized. However, this work cannot be continued earnestly until these issues are addressed.


Andrea Austin
Former Manager of Transition and Diversion Services

Sarah Blahovec
Former Writer for Bruce Darling, Independent Contractor

marybrett, M.S.W.
Former Director of Waiver Services and Administrator of AAY

Kathryn Carroll, Esq.
Former Interim Director of Advocacy

Jonathan Dollhopf
Former Deaf Systems Advocate

Matt Fico
Former Manager of Independent Living Services

Joanne Galvez
Former Deaf Services Specialist

Michelle Henry
Former Office Assistant

Ericka Jones
CDPAS Consumer and
Former No Wrong Door Independent Living Specialist 

Emily Ladau
Former Blogger, Independent Contractor

Woody Livingston
SSP Consumer

Sarah Nolan
Former Social Adult Day Program Recreation Assistant

Precious Nubin
Former Benefits Specialist and Scheduler for AAY

Melanie L. Oyer
Former Manager for Independent Living 

Anna-Sophie Poost
Former Systems Advocate 

Curtis F. Sanger III
Former Assistant Manager of Day Services, Canandaigua       

Michael Shea
Former Manager for Community Habilitation Services  

Leah Smith
Former Media and Entertainment Advocate

Patty Starr
SSP Consumer

Catherine Stutzman
Former Manager of Deaf Services

Rachael Thomas
Former Recreation Assistant Social Adult Day Program

Isabella Vargas
Former Clerical Worker

Rhonda Voight-Campbell
SSP Consumer

Clayton Waller
Former Employment Specialist 

Christopher Wells
Former Assistant Manager of Deaf Services 

Stephanie Woodward, Esq.
Former Director of Advocacy 

Justin Young
Former Systems Advocate

Ronnie Zuchegno
Former Sign Language Interpreter/Scheduler

Anne Marie Baer
Reader & DV Survivor

Nate Baldo
Former Staff

Lindsay Baran
Member of the Disability Community

Chamane Barrow
Member of the Disability Community

Teresa Battisti

Debbie Begue
Former Staff

Terriana Bell
Former Staff

Jennifer Beratan
Former Staff Interpreter
Independent Contractor

Sylvia Bermudez
Former Staff

Sarah Blauw
Former Benefits Advisor

John Blevins
Former Director of Program Operations

Donna Bookheimer

Tammy Boucher

Lydia Brown
Member of the Disability Community

Kelly Buckland
Member of the Disability Community

Elizabeth Cade
Former Human Resources Director

Jensen Caraballo
Member of the Disability Community

Matthew Carter
Member of the Disability Community

Neal Carter
Member of the Disability Community

Claudia Center
Member of the Disability Community

Mary Chevalaz
Former Staff

Diane Cinney
Member of the Disability Community

Annesley Clark
Member of the Disability Community

Erin Clegg
Former Staff

Jackson Conners
Member of the Disability Community

Joseph Corona
Former Staff

Matthew Cortland
Member of the Disability Community

Meredith Cullen
Retired 2017

Candi Daviton
Former Staff

Lauren Dearman
Independent Contractor

Katie de Long
Member of the Disability Community

Susan Demers-McLetchie
Former Staff

Rose Dodson
Former Staff

Michelle Eckert
Former Staff

Dominick Evans
Former Staff

Maribel Fajardo
Former Staff

Gloria Farr
Member of the Disability Community

Julie Farrar
Former Staff

Jennifer Fitz-Roy
Member of the Disability Community

Kathleen Flaherty
Member of the Disability Community

Amanda Flannery
Former Staff

Kings Floyd
Member of the Disability Community

Sadie Fox
Former Employee

Denise Fry
Community Member

Zach Garafalo
Member of the Disability Community

Leen A. Garcia
Former Human Resources Manager

Charlie Garcia-Spiegel
Member of the Disability Community

Marlana George
Community Member

Samantha Gibson
Freelance Sign Language Interpreter

Alyssa Ginevra
Former Transition Specialist

Kristina Gratton
Member of the Disability Community

Irina Greenman
Member of the Disability Community

Angela Guerci
Former Staff

Eiryn Griest Schwartzman
Member of the Disability Community

Avi Haimowitz
Member of the Disability Community

Marie Hickey
Former Staff

Julian Hiler

Kizi Hill
Former Customer Service Manager

Athena Hitchin
Member of the Disability Community

Koren Holley
Former Education and Outreach Specialist NYAIL/Open Doors

Jane Humen
Member of the Disability Community

Elena Hung
Member of the Disability Community

Nia Huynh
Former Pooled Trust Staff

Ami Hyten
Member of the Disability Community

Mia Ives-Rublee
Member of the Disability Community

Hamza Jaka
Member of the Disability Community

Phillip James
Member of the Disability Community

Janice Johnson
Former Staff

Davina Johnston
Member of the Disability Community

Jesika Joseph
Member of the Disability Community

Timothy Kaestner
Former Pooled Trust Manager

Davi Kallman
Member of the Disability Community

Marsha Katz
Member of the Disability Community

Johanna Katz-Searls

Lou Ann Kibbe
Member of the Disability Community

Pamela J Kincheloe
Community Member

Crosby King
Member of the Disability Community

Megan Lambert
Member of the Disability Community

Julie Lasaponara
Former Staff

Sarah Launderville
Member of the Disability Community

Nicole LeBlanc
Member of the Disability Community

Kristie Lent
Member of the Disability Community

Maggie Leppert
Member of the Disability Community

Chris LeStorti
Former Director of Finance

Steve Lieberman
Member of the Disability Community

Terrie Lincoln
Former Staff

Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone
Member of the Disability Community

Renee Long-Lovley
Former Staff

Donna Masters
Former Staff

Kelly Matthews
Member of the Disability Community

Mythea Mazzola
Community Member

Reyma McCoy McDeid
Member of the Disability Community

Beth Metlay
Former Staff

Aliza Meyer
Current Staff

Karen Mikiciuk
Former Staff

Bruce Mills
Former Staff

Heather Miraglia
Former Staff

Lorraine Monroe-Nnamani

Jenny Montgomery
Member of the Disability Community

Daniel Mott
Member of the Disability Community

Alessandra Muller-Thym
Member of the Disability Community

Mistie Munton
Medicaid Service Coordinator for the Deaf and HoH Consumers

Jason Nabewaniec
Community Member

Susan Nati
Former Data Entry Payroll Specialist

Lorraine Neva
Former Pooled Trust Manager

Shane Newhouse
Current Staff

Valerie Novack
Member of the Disability Community

Lydia Nunez
Member of the Disability Community

Mike Oxford
Member of the Disability Community

Priya Penner
Member of the Disability Community

Erin Penrod
Member of the Disability Community

Clifton Perez
Member of the Disability Community

Jenny Phillips
Former Staff

Megan Phillips
Family Member of Consumer

Julie Phukan
Member of the Disability Community

Kathryn Poe
Member of the Disability Community

Flip Polizzi

Marja Possner
Former Staff

Samantha Poteet

Jonathan Pum
Former Senior Financial Analyst

Jose Ramos
Former Staff

James Randisi
Former Staff

Michelle Reyes
Member of the Disability Community

Ramona Rivera Molina
Former Staff

Wilfredo Rodriguez
Former Staff

Victoria Rodríguez-Roldán
Member of the Disability Community

Briana Rosa
Former Staff

Brian Rosado
Former Client

Lakasha Rowe
Former Staff

Lindsay Ryan
Community Member

Venus Santiago
Former Staff

Amy Sargent
Former Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Schrader
Member of the Disability Community

Heather Shaw
Former Manager of Operations, AAY

Audrey Shuping
Member of the Disability Community

Dwayne Sickler

Ian Smith
Member of the Disability Community

Sarah Stahlman
Former Manager

Eryn Star
Member of the Disability Community

Matthew Starr
Former RCIL Board Member

Sherry Sturm
Family Member of Former Staff

Kiley Stewart
Former Staff

David Sutliff-Atias
Former Assistant Director of Advocacy

Evora Sutliff-Atias
Former Staff

Pamela Taggart
Current Staff and Consumer

Patricia Taggart
Former Board Member and Consumer

Maia Taub
Member of the Disability Community

Cheryl Tichenor
Former Independent Living Specialist

Paul Timmons
Member of the Disability Community

Leah Torello
Former CDPAS Manager

Chris Tryon
Community Member

Lisa van Leeuwen
Former Staff

Holly Vernon
Member of the Disability Community

Allison Wallis
Member of the Disability Community

Jodi Walshvelo
Former Staff

Randall Walshvelo
Former Staff

Tom Wega
Former Director of Administration

Jillian Weise
Member of the Disability Community

Becca Weust
Member of the Disability Community

Dave Wickstrom
Member of the Disability Community

Tracey Willard
Former Staff

Tracey Williams
Former Staff

Sharonda Woods
Former Staff

Linda Woodward
Community Member

Jacqueline Zamarripa

Raul Zamarripa
Member of the Disability Community

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